Wild Boar and Hog Hunting in Kauai

Pua’a (pig) were brought to the islands by the early Polynesians as early as fourth century AD. Pigs were closely related to their families as pets and food sources, not free ranging as they are today. It is believed that pigs relied heavily on their “families” for survival as there had not yet been the introduction of large bearing fruit trees such as guavas, mangos, and lychee.

It wasn’t until formal contact began with Western civilizations  that feral hogs were introduced to the islands. Captain Cook’s initial voyages brought the feral hogs to the island, which were much larger than the original pua’a. Dominate in size and strength, it didn’t take long for the feral pigs to interbreed and take over the majority of the pig population in the islands. The abundance of pigs surged in the island with the introduction of large holding fruit trees. Pigs quickly became free-ranging and abundant.

Recreational hunting and eradication programs are products of about the last 50 years. Pigs can be very destructive to watershed management and native forests, so along with recreational hunting there are also programs in place for the eradication of feral pigs in the island today. For many locals here Kauai hunting is a cherished practice that they depend on for the sustenance of their families. Instead of just a hobby for them it has become a way of life.

Hurricanes Iwa (1982) and Iniki (1992) were responsible for the next interbreeding of domesticated pigs with the feral hogs. Traditionally feral hog are black but due to the cross breeding with domestic hogs released from the storms, we see all kinds of colors from red to stripes and even spotted hogs. It doesn’t take long for the domestic hogs to assimilate and become very wild.

Kauai Boar Hunting

Archery lessons available upon request

Kauai hunting

1/2 Day Trophy Hog Hunt

Archery Hunts for Polynesian Hogs only $925 per shooter. It includes the following:

  • Weapon of choice (several well-tuned crossbows or top of the line compound bows)
  • Camouflage attire
  • Game Retrieval
  • Meat Preparation

There is an extra charge of $150 per observer.


Our hog hunts on Kauai are done in some of the best free-range trail systems the island has to offer. We are so confident in our ability to put you on the action that we guarantee our clients an opportunity!! If our clients don’t get a shot opportunity at a wild Hawaiian hog there is no hunt charge. Yea that’s right! 100% opportunity guarantee! *observer fee of $150 remains to cover guide expense

We have access to 1,100 acres of private land on the south shore of Kauai. Habitats include river valleys loaded with fruit orchards of Mountain apple, mangos, lychee, macadamia nuts, and guavas.

Choose your weapon. Feel free to show up with your own equipment or utilize the top-of-the-line mission archery crossbows we provide.  We have target practice and tuning available prior to the hunt.

Hunters of all experience levels are welcome! We give great instruction and can make a first time hunter have success in a short time!