Kauai Fishing

Alapai and Kodi Toulon are two brothers from 5th generation settlers born and raised on the island of Kauai. Their interest in the outdoors was spawned at a young age. They are both avid archery hunters and fishermen. Over the years their knowledge of the mountains and ocean around Kauai has grown very extensive. Alapai is a licensed Coast Guard Captain who has spent the majority of his life aboard working vessels in Hawaiian waters.

Alapai and Kodi are licensed Coast Guard Captains who have spent the majority of their lives fishing in Hawaiian waters. Working in the fishing charter industry since 2010 has given them extensive knowledge and experience. Alapai and Kodi are PADI certified divers with CPR and First Aid training.

Alapai and Kodi left Kauai and attended Montana State University at the age of 18. Spending a large majority of time chasing trout, elk and snow; both brothers received a bachelors degree in Marketing and Management from the University at the age of 23. Living on Kauai and continually searching for adventure of the outdoors is the main passion fueling them.

We are located at Port Allen small boat harbor on the southern side of the Island. Some of the best Kauai deep sea fishing is located just minutes outside of Port Allen and the seas are much more forgiving being that it is the leeward side of the island.

Kauai fishing charter boat

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